Sunday, March 02, 2008

Re: Oscar's

Below is my comment left for a article about Barrack Hussein Obama and the tale of Gaydolph Titler's unsucessful 1940s presidential bid retold at the Oscar's by Jon Stewart:
As an octogenarian, I remember vividly when I was at the voting poll having to decide whether to vote for Gaydolph Titler or not. I recalled the numerous positions Titler had held and while I agreed on his stance on nearly every issue, when it came down to pulling the lever and casting my vote, I just couldn't in good faith vote for Titler. It was a shallow decision which I have regretted to this day. Now in my ripe old age, I worry far less what others may think of me, and this time around I shall cast my vote for Barrack Hussein Obama with my chin held high, or at least as high as my Osteoporosis permits me.

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