Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fun with Number Theory: Guessing Your Age

  1. Take the last digit of your age, multiply it by 2, then for every decade you've lived add 1 to it. Color this result Blue in your mind
  2. Think of your favorite digit, any digit at all, multiply it by 11.
  3. Add the last digit of your age to the previous result.
  4. For every decade you've lived subtract 1 from the previous result. This is your Red number.
Alright, now tell me your Blue and Red numbers and I will guess your age!
Blue Number:
Red Number:

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Anonymous said...

Not that good. Too obvious.

Anonymous said...

that did not work....atall..

thoreaulylazy said...

You should check you did the arithmetic for coming up with your blue and red numbers correctly. The spoilers section contains a mathematical proof that it is always correct. An example of blue and red numbers: If I'm 28, then I have Blue = (twice 8) plus 2 = 16+2 = 18. Red = (favorite times 11) plus 8 minus 2 = (x*11)+8-2 = (x*11)+6. Say my favorite digit is 7, then Red = 7*11 + 6 = 83. By entering "18" for blue and "83" for red, the solver finds my age to be "28".

André said...

Man, you are a mathematical genius! And cool script!